Garage Door Repair Calabasas

If there is one thing we lack, that is a limit to the inattentiveness we have on dealing with garage door systems. As a result, are glad to share with you the tricks of the trade in this Tips page. They are simple, creative and, importantly, effective. So go ahead and get excited!

Take the proper decisions on garage doors by going through the following tips

The advantages of insulated doors

If you have the possibility, invest in an insulated door. The energy costs can be quite large these days and it is important to save money every way you can. Even if your actual garage is not insulated, you will still be able to reap some of the benefits that come with an insulated garage door (after all, this is the largest opening by which warm/cold air can enter your garage).

How to handle a garage door that refuses to close

Sometimes, this happens due to issues related to the photo-eye beams (which can be misaligned, blocked or malfunctioning). Remove anything that may stand in the way of the photo-eye and make sure that the photo-eye beams are aligned properly. If none of these things work, call one of our adept contractors because they will be able to inspect everything in a safe and professional way.

What to do with an old track once a new garage door has been purchased

The safest thing to do is to buy new tracks as well. They are not as expensive as you may think and this will add a lot to your level of safety – precisely because every garage door model and brand is designed to work with a particular type of tracks. Keep yourself informed before making any kind of purchase!

The garage door is failing to open and close all the way

It happens quite frequently, as this is an issue related to the opener travel settings. Your owner’s manual should tell you how to adjust these settings and it should be easy and safe. However, if you feel that you cannot manage; our specialists are at your disposal for a professional adjustment of the opener travel settings.