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Excellence and experience in door panel installation

I have been scouting for new door panels for a while when I stumbled upon Garage Door Repair Calabasas. To my surprise, the accommodating personnel beat the research I have been doing. They explained several options and even the pros and cons of available door panels apparently show how much experience they have on the matter. After deciding on steel panels with insulation, there was no way I would entrust the installation of my new panels to another repair company. The precision that went into the fitting and installation wasn’t surprising.  Now I know they provide nothing but excellent service!

Alfredo P. Castaneda

Great garage door maintenance service

As with most things, prevention is better than cure. So I make it a point to have my garage door system checked regularly. For the last two maintenance services, Garage Door Repair Calabasas has done a great job. The technicians were very thorough with the checks and minor tweaks. Before, there was always a creaking sound whenever we hoist the door panels but now they lift quite smoothly. Apart from the apparent skills the technicians show, I also noticed that they use high quality tools. I must say I am very satisfied. Surely, they did the best maintenance job my garage has seen in years!

Carmen F. Hernandez

Highly recommended technicians by neighbors

We just moved to our new neighborhood so we had to ask around for the best garage repair company to fix the photo eye sensor. The top recommendation was Garage Door Repair Calabasas. Our neighbors swore by the quality of service this company gave. So when the technicians came over I had seriously high expectations of them. Happily, those expectations were met, surpassed even! The technicians were professional, quick and knowledgeable. When I asked if they had training, they said they have regular skill update. No wonder they were on top of the mind among the neighbors. I highly recommend them now too.

Mary C. Presley

Garage door panel replacement problem solved

Garage door prices now are unbelievably exorbitant. So when we needed replacement for door panels, we had to survey nearby contractors asking for quotes. When we talked to the personnel at Garage Door Repair Calabasas, we were amazingly shocked at how gracious and accommodating they were in answering all our questions. They knew the available materials for door panels and explained to us the merits of each as well as the prices. What we commend more is how professional they were – they didn’t look down on us just because we were on a tight budget. Eventually, we decided on steel stamped doors which were installed perfectly by their skilled technicians.

Joan J. Kelly

Professional Opener Repair

“When my automatic opener packed in I immediately imagined that it would be a huge ordeal to get it fixed. I called a few local companies to come and have a look but they were a bit tardy in getting back to me and the ones that did seemed to be more concerned with making money than fixing my opener. When I eventually called “Garage Door Repair in Calabasas” I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly they got back to me. They gave me a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what needed fixing and how much it would cost, and had the whole system in perfect order in just a few hours. Thank you for a job well done!”

Helped me Choose the Best Opener

“My excitement for getting a new opener was slightly stifled when I realized I know close to nothing about the various products and components to choose from. After calling “Garage Door Repair in Calabasas” they sent a technician who was very knowledgeable, and told me all I needed to know about my options. He told me which ones are the best, most reliable and right for the needs of my home. He helped me make an educated choice, and what’s more, the installation was quick, clean and reasonably priced, done with precision and without complication. I also have a degree of peace of mind, knowing that I can rely on them for any further garage door maintenance or repairs I might need later on.”