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What is the best garage door opener replacement for our new heavy weight gate?

Heavier gates or long gates need heavier duty gate openers like the articulated arm electric gate openers. These types of openers are best for high wind areas too and for garage doors with excessive duty applications.

What are the available types of garage door torsion spring replacements?

There are two general types of garage door torsion springs according to our specialists. The first type is the oil tempered garage door springs, which are the most commonly, found torsion spring in garage doors and the galvanized torsion springs which are the shiny types that don’t get your hands dirty when touched.

Does the weight of my garage door matter when shopping for openers?

Yes, it does. If you have a very light garage door that’s made of aluminum, then a 1/3 HP opener might suffice. If your door is heavier, then you should get the 1/2 or 3/4 HP opener. For very heavy large doors, like those made of wood, there are heavy duty garage door openers that are 1 or 1 1/4 HP.